Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Disney World Peanut Butter Cookies

I am a huge fan of the big cookies sold at Disney World bakeries. Especially the peanut butter ones because of the giant peanut butter chunks. I asked one of the bakery workers once where they get their cookies and he said Selma's. so I started ordering them off of because it was a lot easier than going all the way to Disney World. They were always good-tasting however not as good as the ones at Disney World because the ones at D World were always super fresh, so I always thought "dang, if only i could just either get the recipe or move to Disney world." About a year ago I was browsing online recipe blogs and I ran across where Anna (the blog author) is apparently just as crazy about Selma's cookies as i am. She talked about them, but still no recipe. Then just yesterday i ran by her blog again and found a page all about where she replicates the Selma's peanut butter cookies (which are apparently now called Minnie's cookies, but I'm sure they're still made by Selma, but just have a new label.) I tried them, and yes they're almost identical especially the peanut butter ribbons. So once again, here's this recipe: Click HERE


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