Wednesday, September 16, 2009

CopyCat Original Pink Sugar Cookie

For years I've tried to figure out the recipe used for, "The Original Pink Sugar Cookie" Ive never been able to get it even close to similar so I finally just stopped trying. However just last night I accidently figured it out, or at least it tastes like it to me (and my mom). I'll give the recipe tomorrow my brothers kicking me off the computer. (BTW, picture above is a picture of the copy recipe, not the real cookie)

heres that recipe. but I thought more about it and GrannyB's cookie is not a shortbread there is definitely some egg in the cookie so this recipe cant be it. but its still way delish its just Ina Gartens shortbread cookie recipe. HERE'S the link if u want to try it


  1. i love your choice in music/playlist by the way.
    also, i'm 25 too and as you said you're a single mom too. i hope we can connect more! love ur blog!!!

  2. Oh thankyou I hope so too. and yes i am 25. been a single mom for 5 yrs now, never thought it would end up beeing that long, but oh well, thats life I guess. Oh and thanks, I love your blog too