Friday, November 11, 2011

Sweet Tooth Fairy

I REALLY REALLY do love their sugar cookies. Not the small ones, just the big ones. they're more soft (and doughy). I can tell they dont use sour cream or cream cheese in their cookie dough which will make or break a cookie. Kneaders puts sour cream in their cookies and thats why theyre a no go. If you cant pull off a soft cookie without having to add sc or cc, your a sorry excuse for a baker. And the biggest plus about Sweet tooth fairy sugar cookies, is theyre awesome frosting (which i totally think has cream cheese in it). but with frosting, cream cheese is a positive. (The Giant pumpkin cookie pictured above is their latest sugar cookie design... so amazing) Note: Sour cream/cream cheese in cookies leads to cardboardy texture (thats how u can tell)

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