Monday, May 21, 2012


I did a google search to look up one of my favorite Hershey's cookie bar recipes and I end up finding it on a really popular baking bloggers recipe blog page. She posts the Hersheys recipe completely accurate, she lists all the ingredients and instructions exactly as stated in the original Hersheys recipe. Only difference, she slightly changes the title of the recipe and never once mentions the recipe's original souce: "Hershey's." Even worse, she gets a ton of comments on "her" posted recipe, comments like, "oh thank you so much for this recipe, its amazing, blah blah blah..." which would be fine if she would respond with something like, "Oh your welcome, I got it from Hershey's web site." But no. Instead she just says, "your welcome."

WTF???? So lets be real here, basically what she's doing is trying to lead her viewers/followers to believe that she created this recipe. Its a really good recipe. I wish I had created it.  I just think what she's doing is soooooo wrong. How could anyone feel comfortable doing something like that? Thank GOD for KARMA!!

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