Sunday, September 2, 2012

Battered Pork Chops

I've worked at chills for 2 yrs and obviously Ive eaten their food more than just a couple times especially their trademark items. Tonight during my shift I was eating a leftover chicken crisper and I thought to myself, these really are amazing. People order our chicken crispers ALL THE TIME because they really are 'that' good. Lets put it this way: there are certain things on our menu that people go to chills specifically for: Original Chicken Crispers, Fajita Trio, Paradise Pie, Molten Lava Cake, Queso, and southwestern egg rolls. If we run out of any of the last 6 mentioned items, customers get really mad. Last night I made fried pork chops, pioneer woman style, but tonight I wanted to make them chili's style (battered and deep fried.) And Boy am I glad I did!!! They Tasted just as good as I had hoped (just like a Chili's Chicken Crisper, but w/ pork.) And then, like always, to make mine even more super delicious, I added Cheese and gravy!!! I'll post the RECIPE tomorrow. Getting too tired to post it tonight!

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  1. Oh YUM. Fried pork sounds SO GOOD right now (and it's almost lunch time, so it's extra torture!). I don't have a deep fryer but I might have to borrow one to try this out...