Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pumpkin Pie Bars

KRUSTEAZ Pumpkin Pie Bar

I made these Bars using the Krusteaz Pumpkin Pie Bar Mix. They definitely taste amazing. Especially the gingerbread Crust. The only thing that might bother someone abut these is that theres no canned pumpkin and  definitely no real Pumpkin. The Pumpkin filling is made from some dry Pumpkin flavored powder the you mix with eggs, butter, and water (I used Milk.) So if your into "all-natural," these bars are probably not for you. I was just in the mood for a pumpkin Flavored dessert and these definitely worked for me. And once again, the gingerbread crust is the best part.

krusteaz pumpkin pie bars
krusteaz pumpkin pie bars


  1. Will they still be good if I made them the day before? Or should I wait till the day of?

    1. They will definitely still be good if you make them one day prior.The only flaw to this product is the baking instructions. We had to bake them about 20 min longer than what the pkg. specified. Even then, they still didn't look done/set but I took them out anyway and they eventually finished setting as they chilled in the fridge. I would say these stay good up to 3 days (no longer.) Past that they would probably get to soggy/moist.