Friday, November 23, 2012

Parker House Rolls

Parker House Rolls
The Pioneer Woman 

As Ive mentioned before, I grew up in Cincinnati Ohio. We didn't have any relatives out East so we always spent holidays with our good friends from church "The Butlers." They lived just a few doors down the street from us and Kim Butler was my best friend so I was at their house almost every day. On thanksgiving, Helen Butler (the mother,) always made homemade rolls. I didn't care much for all the other thanksgiving food, but I was in love w/ Helens rolls; Either because she made them extremely well or because my mom NEVER made rolls. I would hide in a corner and eat one roll after another. I think one thanksgiving I ate like 9 of them ): So this year, I decided I would try making homemade rolls. I didnt want to use Helens recipe because it calls for eggs. I stopped eating breads that have egg in the dough. Thats a whole different story. ANyway, so I figured my best bet would be Pioneer Womans Parker House Rolls. Keep in mind, this was my 1t time EVER making homemade rolls, so no way could they have turned out perfect. They were definitely good though and much easier than I expected, except for the kneading part (we don't have a kitchen aid, so I had to do it by hand.) My moms going to buy a kitchen aid (or Bosch) within the next few days so as soon as she does, I'll for sure be trying this recipe again. What I loved most about the rolls was that they are Extremely Buttery. I knew that they would be based upon just having read the recipe ingredients, which is one of the main reasons I initially chose to use this recipe. They're also more of a sweet roll, so IMO they taste best plain or with butter and Jam (smucker's seedless strawberry.) Click HERE for full recipe and instructions

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