Saturday, December 1, 2012

Selma's Cookies

Yesterday I ordered the worlds most amazing cookies EVER created. They are called Selma's Cookies. They are so amazing that both Disney World and Disney Land sell them at Disney bakeshops all throughout and around the 2 theme parks, which is why Selma's is located in only Florida and California. I wanted these as fresh as possible, so I had Selma's Overnight them to my house via FEDEX and luckily they arrived in even less than 24 hrs from when I had placed the order and tasted better fresher and doughier than I had even remembered.


  1. Hi - and thanks for stopping at my blog. You asked about the cheesecakes. I like the regular cheesecake best, with the oreo crust, but the other one is also good if you want to make something a little quicker.

    1. thanx 4 responding. they definitely look good (both of them.) i love cheesecake made w/ sweetened condensed milk. i was actually thinking i'll try the 1st one 1st (because it has 2 less eggs however same amount of everything else therefore it should turn out slightly sweeter; and I prefer a sweeter cheesecake. but i think i'll use the Oreo crust from the 2nd recipe