Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Disney Store Tangled Toddler

Something Ive never mentioned: I LOVE dolls!! Always have, and always will. I definitely have my favorites: Bratz dolls, Bratzillas, Blythe dolls, American Girl Dolls, and just random dolls I happen to come across and fall in love with. This Tangled Doll (from Disney Store) is my most recent and she's absolutely adorable. 2 yrs ago my mom boughs my nieces chloe and Ella one each for christmas and I instantly fell for her, so I went to the Disney Store to get my own but they had sold out within like 1st day of selling them (which is why my mom had initially bought the 2.) So I found her on Ebay (new in a box) and she arrived yesterday. So thrilled(:

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