Saturday, July 7, 2012

No Bake Cheesecake

Jello No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake
AKA: Best Dessert Ever

I make this all the time, except i don't follow the box directions. I make it my way. I mix the crust mix with 6.5T butter (instead of 5T) and I use 3T sugar (instead of 2T.) I then press the crust on bottom of glass loaf pan. I mix the cheesecake filling with 1.5 C half-&-half (instead of 1.5C milk.) Mix on high speed 3 min.  I then pour/spread 3/4 the filling over the crust (the original recipe of course wants you to use all the filling. However, I think its too much filling for the amount of crust and topping that they give you. So my dad just eats the leftover 1/4 filling since he's allergic to flour and therefore he can't eat the crust part anyway.) I then pour/spread all the strawberry fruit topping over the filling and then put finished dessert  in the freezer for apx 1 hour and then in the fridge. To serve, u just cut into slices. Makes about 6 big slices. This dessert is bomb. Only lasts 2 days at max in our house! (everyone just ends up picking at it or spooning at it since they're all too lazy to cut a slice. Ha.) btw: one time bought the cherry kind. Nasty. don't do it. strawberry is the only way to go.

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