Monday, July 30, 2012

vegan GF béchamel

Good news to Vegans and GF people
So... Now that I've discovered this super quick/easy white sauce recipe, i make it A LOT!! Im not a red sauce fan so I'ts no surprise to me that I would end up liking this Basic white sauce recipe as much as I have.I asked my mom the other night why she never makes any recipes using béchamel sauce and she said she can't because russ (her husband/my dad) is allergic to flour. so i asked her why she didnt just instead make béchamel w/ cornstarch or a GF substitute and she said "because it just wouldn't turn out." well.... guess what... she was wrong. Last night I ran out of AP flour and (like always) I wanted white sauce (aka béchamel sauce) so... I used Oat Flour instead! And just to be more experiment-ive, I also used vegan butter substitute instead of regular butter and almond milk instead of cow milk. (BTW: use only 1/4 cup milk if using oat flour instead of AP flour) And surprise! It totally worked. It really didn't taste any different.  The Only difference at all was the color was slightly different. White sauce is pure white. This came out as more of an off white. Oh! and this is kind of funny, but it smelled like Oatmeal while it was cooking. Hence, the oat flour. Next time I cook the Vegan-GF-béchamel, I'll snap a photo for this post (just so that way you'll for sure know that this really works.)

GF means Gluten Free (for those of you who didn't know)

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