Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vanilla Scones

Ive been studying up on scone recipes for quite a while because I totally love scones but I think that they are very hit-or-miss so I wanted to make sure that my next batch were not a miss. Bloggers who make a lot of scones I notice will like a scone recipe they make and then make another recipe and Love it even more. They just think its a better recipe, but they don't know why its a better recipe. And because they don't know why it was a better recipe, they'll accidentally try another bad recipe because they didn't know what recipes to avoid. Heres what I noticed. All the absolute "best-scones-ever" recipes were the recipes that didn't have eggs in the dough or had a very small amount of egg in the dough. For instance Tyler Florence recipe is always a hit. It has no eggs. Pionner Woman vanilla scone recipe: Pretty big hit. Has Only 1 egg. Ina Garten's scone recipes: Lots of people hate it. People who don't know better like it or think it's just OK. For example: In this Post, smitten kitten blogs about the best scone recipe ever (americas test kitchen-no eggs) and also trashes Ina's recipe. She doesn't know why her new found recipe is so good, but hey Im glad she at least found it. Anyway, heres an awesome scone recipe I found on I made these with Caleb and the next door neighbor kids (who are over EVERY day.)  The dough tasted fabulous. I've never cared to eat scone dough before because it always just tasted OK but this was some good dough, so I knew right off the bat that taste wasn't going to be a problem. The kids, my bro, my mom, and I ate the scones within 20 minutes after they came out of the oven so I can't say how well these kept (it terms of staying fresh.) All I can say was they were delicious. The recipe calls for a vanilla glaze. Kids were too hungry to wait for any glaze plus they tasted so good without it. But next time I make them, I'll try and use the glaze just because it apparently help seal in the moisture so the scones stay fresh longer.

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