Wednesday, December 16, 2009

About Me

Sorry I haven't posted lately. Its not because I'm too busy or too lazy, its just that all Ive been making are m&m cookies, thousands of them because 1st off; my mom makes me make them so she can give them away as Christmas gifts and 2nd; because its the best cookie recipe, no sorry, the best ANYTHING recipe in the entire word! I feel bad wasting my Crisco or my sugar on anything else.

Why am I up right now at 4AM writing on my blog? Its not because I am obsessed and addicted to the Internet, not at all, I actually hardly ever get on. The only time I ever log on (right now being the one and only exception) is when I baked something new and need to post about it. So once again, why am I up right now at 4AM? Its because I have major insomnia. It usually takes me from laying down at 2AM to staring at the ceiling for 4 hours to finally falling asleep at 6AM. It sux so bad. There are 2 reasons for this, 1 because I have ADD and mind races and races and has a hard time just shutting down and 2 because I am a waitress and am usually scheduled the graveyard shift so Its hard on the nights I'm not working, to re-adjust my body clock and fall asleep early.

I dyed my hair black a couple weeks ago. Ive been blond my entire life but after a thousand people told me to go dark and after one of my really sick relationship breakups that drove me practically insane, I decided to do it. I looked in the mirror at it & cried for about an hour then I really liked it for about a week & got a ton of compliments & then I decided I couldn't stand it & had to be blond again. & anyone who's done it before knows its a nightmare going from dark to blond, especially from black to blond. So I went back to blond & I absolutely love it... again

People try my cookies, ask me for the recipe, but sometimes say "I followed the recipe exactly, but They didn't turn out like yours" So Really quick I'll share some cookie baking tips that will help your cookies turn out like mine:

1. Use a silver jelly roll pan to bake your cookies (like the one pictured below)
2. My typical 2 egg cookie recipe calls for 3 cup flour. If dough isn't stiff, use 1/4 cup more.
3. Always under bake. Don't bake cookies till golden. Take them out before golden otherwise they'll dry hard and crunchy (unless you like that/:)
4. Always Bake the cookies at 350.
5. When you place the cookie sheet in the oven, place it on the middle/upper rack with another pan underneath it for insulation.
6. Don't substitute butter for the Crisco. You have to use butter-flavored Crisco.. Have to!

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