Thursday, September 15, 2011

Provo Bakery

So as you know I love cookies and Bakeries and I love the big sugar cookies from sweet tooth fairy, but then I came across this blog the other day that asked which Utah bakery has the best sugar cookies, and no one said sweet tooth fairy, everyone said Provo Bakery. So I figured I had to drive down to Provo Bakery and see for myself, and I would have to agree, they're the best I've ever tried. My mom and my son Caleb and his little friend Britton would have to agree as well. I gave Caleb and his friend the Smiley face sugar cookie as well as a big red letter U cookie (for University of Utah) and then I kept the 2 helmet university cookies for my mom and myself(: They're not as thick as Sweet Tooth Fairy Sugar cookies. They re still just as soft, they have a more precise shape and I think they taste a little more short-bready. And they use a fondant icing that's really really good. I thought that the only kind of sugar cookie they would have was the smile sugar cookie, because that's all that the blog had mentioned, however they re are several different sugar cookies, all about the same size, and definitely the same recipe, and then there are tons of other different kinds of pastries (crumb bars, donuts, cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies, etc...) The store itself is kinda small and dumpy looking from the outside (which is probably why I've never cared to go in before,) but inside its a whole different bakery. Surprisingly its really crowded and there were like 4 workers behind the counter and the line was super long, so obviously it does well. (Lesson learned: Can't judge a book by its cover, LOL)

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