Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jiffy Pizza

I like Jiffy crust mix more than Pillsbury refrigerated dough. Jiffy dough is bready, and chewy whereas Pillsbury dough isn't so bready; its more cardboardy and preservativey. I still think Pillsbury pizza dough is good, just not as good as Jiffy. I throw this pizza together quite often because its easy, fast, so cheap, and you almost always have these ingredients at home(at least we do). The Velveeta was at one point just an after though (from a left over box of mac & cheese) but it adds this buttery fried taste. Its good without the Velveeta but its absolutely amazing times 1 million with the Velveeta, so you decide.

Jiffy Pizza

1 jiffy pizza crust mix
8 oz pizza sauce
Velveeta cheese
shredded italian cheese blend
thinly sliced deli Ham

Mix pizza dough according to pkg directions. Knead dough. Let dough Rise 5 min. Place/spread dough into buttered 9x9" glass casserole dish. Bake 3-5 min at 375. Top slightly baked crust with pizza sauce, several dallops of velveeta, italian cheese, and ham. Bake 18-22 more min at 375. Cut into squares. Dip in Ranch(:

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