Thursday, October 27, 2011

Purple M&M Cookies

The last 2 cookies I made (the m&m bars and the chewy butter cookies) were both good, however nothing is as good as my blue m&m cookies. Blue m&m cookies and the mini chip roll out cookies are my 2 most favorite cookie recipes. So theyre always what I want the very most and I usually have some frozen so that theyre available at all times. Howver I ran out of both a while ago so last night I had to make some more blue m&m cookies but this time I made purple m&m cookies. Same recipe, just purple instead of blue. Thought I would make purple instead of blue since its almost halloween. And I couldnt possibly make the cookies orange or black. Those 2 colors and yellow and brown are all my very least favorite colors.

Purple m&m cookies
(same recipe as blue m&m cookies, except substitute purple food coloring for blue food coloring)
Click HERE for recipe.

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